How to Become a Highly Paid Thought Leader

Everyone has expertise and a message to share with the world but very few know how to actually do it successfully. In this minicourse, learn to master the 3 stages of building a 6 and 7-figure thought leader business...

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"These 3 business stages are exactly what I've used to build my 7-figure thought leader business and teach my highest level clients."

Mel Abraham, Business Expert and #1 Bestselling Author

In this minicourse you'll discover...

  • How to get PAID for what you know
  • How to attract customers instead of convincing them
  • How to leverage your time and take more days off
  • How to get known for what you know
  • How to consistently create homerun content
  • How to accelerate to the top of your industry

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"By far the single most important program I've done to create clarity in my intellectual property!"

Testimonial 1

- Tim Adams, High Performance Expert

“I learned to capture my ideas and this course gives you what you need to be seen as an epic leader in your industry.”

Testimonial 2

- Suzette Mariel, Founder, Media Influence Empire

“This completely transformed my business and the way I think about being a thought leader and the way I think about my content and frameworks!”

Testimonial 3

- Pete Vargas, Founder of Speaker Payday